Public Relations

We believe public relations goes beyond building relationships, raising awareness or managing reputations. We base the success of our PR campaigns by who’s been positively influenced by our activities. Influenced enough to think, feel or act differently – whether that’s how a brand is perceived, how a company or personality is portrayed or how a product sells.

Great media coverage doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by design. DashDM will help you craft the right messages and approach the right media for the best possible exposure. Remember, you cannot spell “PROFIT” without “PR.”

We use existing contacts, the PR Wire, and HARO to get results. BladeButter™ has enjoyed local and national exposure using our system.


Additional Services

  • Photography – Event, Portrait, Product & More.
  • Video – Production/Editing for Web and Broadcast.
  • Direct Response TV (DRTV) – Ad Development, Production, Videography, Editing, Media Buying.
  • Radio – Ad Development, Production , Editing, Media Buying.
  • Copywriting – Press Release, Marketing Copy, Web Content, Scripts

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